Extended news flash

June 20, 2003

Shortly Gemstone will start publishing stories by Don Rosa, previously unpublished in their original language. When it comes to the covers Don Rosa says: "...all the covers are reprints. So far I have done nothing new for Gemstone." The first stories to see print in the US will be:

June 18th:
Uncle Scrooge #319 with D 98202 - "US: The Dutchman’s Secret" (24 pages) + cover by Don Rosa.

Walt Disney's Comics & Stories #635 with part 1 of D 2000-002 - "DD: The Three Caballeros Ride Again" (9 pages) + cover by Don Rosa. Part 2 (10 pages) and part 3 (9 pages) will follow in WDC&S #366 (August) and WDC&S #367 (September).

Uncle Scrooge #321 with F PM 00201 - "US: Attaaaaaack!" (12 pages) + cover by Don Rosa.

These are monthly prestige titles, with $6.95 cover prices - basically continuing on from Gladstone's last books, however the G logo now means Gemstone instead of Gladstone.

WDC 635 U$ 319

After this the following stories will remain unpublished in the US:

D 98346      24 pages, US  "Escape from Forbidden Valley"
F PM 99001   12 pages, US  "The Coin"
D 99078      33 pages, US  "The Quest for Kalevala"
D 2000-191   17 pages, BB  "The Beagle Boys vs The Money Bin"
F PM 01201   26 pages, US  "The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut"
D 2001-024   28 pages, US  "The Crown of the Crusader Kings"
D 2001-095   13 pages, US  "Forget It!"
D 2001-143   20 pages, GY  "Gyro's First Invention"
D 2002-033   25 pages, US  "The Dream of a Lifetime"

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