War of the Wendigo
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D91192 - War of the Wendigo

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This story was banned in US completely. It's designated as "political incorrect" because it deals with an ethnic group.

Don Rosa says about this:

"About the banning of my "War of the Wendigo", my sequel to "The Land of the Pygmy Indians". [...] It was banned by a Disney official because ALL THE INDIANS LOOKED ALIKE which the guy considered to be an insulting stereotype. And yes, this means that Barks' original Peeweegah story ALSO can never again be used in American comic books.
Therefore, simply because I feel very anxious for THIS PARTICULAR story to see print in English, due to the loads of extra work I put into the Peeweegah's Longfellowian dialogue, I offered to REDRAW all the Peeweegahs (except the Chief). I'm not sure how to make them all different... or how to explain to readers why the Peeweegahs don't look like they're supposed to... but we'll make that offer, and if that was the problem, we'll get that story into America, if in a censored form. Censored is better than nothing?"