2005-01-06 13:07:00
A happy new year for all of you! For a good start the 2005 anniversary page is online.
- sg -
2004-10-21 04:07:40
Gemstone has effectively published Don Rosa stories since they started up during the summer of 2003 often combined with Don Rosa's nice covers. When it comes to the covers Don Rosa says: "...all the covers are reprints. So far I have done nothing new for Gemstone." Besides a few reprints of previously published Rosa-stories Gemstone have so far published the following new Rosa stories:

Uncle Scrooge
319, June 2003 - The Dutchman's Secret (cover)
321, August 2003 - Attaaaaaack! (cover)
323, October 2003 - The Coin (cover)
324, December 2003 - Gyro's First Invention (cover)
325, January 2004 - The Beagle Boys VS The Money Bin
328, April 2004 - Forget it! (cover)
329, May 2004 - The Dream of a Lifetime
332, August 2004 - The Sharpie of the Culebra Cut (cover)
334, October 2004 - The Quest of Kalevala (cover)
337, January 2005 - "Trash and Treasure"

Walt Disney's Comics (and Stories)
635-637, July-September 2003 - The Three Caballeros Ride Again (cover)

Rosa stories that still remains unpublished in the US:
D 98346 - US "Escape from Forbidden Valley" (24 pages)
D 2001-024 - US "The Crown of the Crusader Kings" (28 pages)
D 2003-081 - US "A Letter from Home or The Old Catsle's Other Secret" (34 pages)
D 2003-235 - US "The Black Knight GLORPS again!" (25 pages)
- sg -
2004-10-21 03:07:00
Don Rosa has lately visited both Sweden and Norway. 14-16 September he visited the important book fair "Bokmässan" in Gothenburg, Sweden. 8-10 October he visited the Raptus comics festival in Bergen, Norway.

Don Rosa 2005 calendar
A new Don Rosa calendar with 12 Picosu Pinups will be published at least in Denmark and Finland in October/November.

Upcoming stories
During his visit in Scandinavia Don Rosa has confirmed that as of now his next story is supposed to be a new chapter in Lo$ - set in 1898 in between "King of the Klondike" and "Hearts of the Yukon" and show how Scrooge kidnapped Glittering Goldie and made her dig gold in White Agony Creek (as once shown by Barks in the uncensored version of "Back to Klondike").
- sg -
2004-06-29 03:07:00
Happy Birthday, Don! The D.U.C.K.hunt members wish Don all the best for today and for the future!
- ag -
2004-05-27 09:21:00
Don Rosa will be in Sao Paulo on May 31st, officially opening the O Mundo dos Quadrinhos event at the Senac Sao Paulo.

14h30 - 15h30 - Lecture by Roberto Elisio dos Santos
15h30 - 16h30 - Disney Area (DVD Donald Duck)
16h30 - 18h00 - Chat with Don Rosa

Date: May 31st, 2004
Place: Senac Sao Paulo - Rua Scipiao, 67
Information and Inscriptions: (11) 3866.2500
Free Entry
- ag -
2004-01-29 14:56:00
New information on Don Rosa's next story added to the "Upcoming Stories" section.
Have a look!
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2004-01-02 10:29:00
Actual anniversaries in 2004 are online. We wish a happy new year 2004!
- ag -
2003-12-24 18:25:00
We wish you a merry Christmas!
- ag -
2003-06-29 03:07:00
Today is Don Rosa's birthday! Being born in 1951 he has now reached the age of 52. The members of D.U.C.K.hunt wish Don the best for the day and for the future - hopefully there are still a lot of great stories to come!
- tl -
2003-06-28 13:03:00
A very thorough page on statistics of various things in Don Rosa's stories and a page on the Clan McDuck have been added to DUCKhunt.
- tl -
2003-06-20 08:39:00
Upcoming Don Rosa stories in the US: Gemstone has started publishing stories by Don Rosa, previously unpublished in their original language.
Have a look!
- ag -
2003-01-20 07:36:00
Don Rosa will be at the Boston Comic Book & Toy Spectacular on Sunday - Feb.23, 2003 at the Radisson Hotel. The show runs 10am to 4pm. Thanks to Gary Pantzer for the information.
Have a look!
- ag -
2002-12-24 12:23:00
Good news: Don Rosa is back in business. Merry christmas and a happy new year to all of you!
- ag -
2002-11-21 01:15:00
Word is out that Disney comics will return to the USA. No Disney comic books have been published in the states for almost 4 years, since primo 1999.

Naturally we hope this will work out so that we can see the more than 10 latest stories by Don Rosa in their original language, and naturally so that Americans can again see Don Rosa's stories at all.

Here's an external link about the subject:
Have a look!
- tl -
2002-11-21 01:05:00
Don Rosa is currently not producing any new stories or doing any other official work involving the use of Disney characters. He ceased producing Disney Duck stories last May after finishing "The Dream of a Lifetime".

Read more here:
Have a look!
- tl -
2002-07-02 14:00:00
D.U.C.K.hunt again has its own chat like years ago. This time it is based on the good old IRC system so we can avoid all those problems we had with the old system. You'll find a link to our chat room on the D.U.C.K.hunt main page, or you can use this link.
Have a look!
- tl -
2002-05-14 11:11:22
The old guestbook-provider has stopped his service and therefore we now have a new guestbook online. Unfortunately all old entries are lost, too. We would be happy if you take the time to contribute something again, thanks! :o)
Have a look!
- ag -
2002-05-06 14:23:35
Don's new story is coming out in Germany and Scandinavia in issues 19 and 20. issue 19 in Scandinavia has a spcially made cover. The influence by our friend and duckhunter Sigvald can be read about, in norwegian on this page:
Have a look!
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