2002-05-02 22:01:19
Two new fandrawings from the recent comic convention were added to the fandrawings gallery, thanks to Francesco Gerbaldo. Do you have a fandrawing you want to show to other fans? We, at DUCKhunt, will be happy to show it for you! Just send a scan of it to
Have a look!
- tl -
2002-04-27 12:08:51
First Photos of Don Rosa at the "Torino Comics" in Italy on the site of Anonima Fumetti.
Have a look!
- ag -
2002-04-18 21:04:01
Don Rosa will be Guest of Honor in "Torino Comics" (a italian Comics Convention and fair) from April 25th to 28th.
Have a look!
- ag -
2002-03-22 05:27:45
The Don Rosa Comicindex, a Windows Database, wasn't updated for a long time and due to my busy university shedual I won't be able to work on it in the near future. If anybody is interested in continuing this project please send me an email. I updates my webpage to reflect this changes
Have a look!
- da -
2002-03-14 21:44:23
Added new info on the upcoming stories page. (The link is on the top bar of the main page)
- acs -
2002-02-22 13:44:13
Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree section to be reconstructed.
The lost "Don Rosa's Duck Family Tree" will now be reconstructed. However some of the trees are still missing. These are: the German version (Der Stammbaum der Ducks) and the French version (Illustres habitants de Donaldville). If you can provide scans of one or both of these please take contact with Sigvald  [].
- sg -
2002-02-22 13:38:10
3 of the lost sections have been reconstructed
3 of the lost sections have been reconstructed and are now back on-line. These are:
Introduc(k)tion to Don Rosa
Introduc(k)tion to the work of Don Rosa
Timeline for Don Rosa
My thanks goes to Karstein Kristiansen, Norway, Jacob Johansson, Sweden, Jonas A. Jensen, Denmark and Kenneth Levanen, Finland and everyone else who have been helpful by sending copies of the lost HTML-files and lost pictures and graphics. Special thanks to Thomas Pettersen and Simon Renč Magnussen for providing new WEB-space.
- sg -
2002-02-19 23:51:26
Updated the upcoming stories-page. Check the info we have on the story Don is working on.
- acs -
2002-01-05 15:49:57
Due to unlucky circumstances Sigvald's "Don Rosa in Scandinavia" pages were lost a few months ago. Thanks to our readers Sigvald has now got back most of his lost stuff and is now about to recreate his old D.U.C.K.hunt sections and create some new Don Rosa pages. However some important things are still missing:

* The various editions of Don Rosa's: "Donald Duck Family Tree".
* Don Rosa's sketches showing the history of The Clan McDuck (Ad 200 – 1877).
* The photo showing the meeting between Don Rosa and Carl Barks.
* The last version of "Don Rosa Statistics".

If you by any chance have saved anything of this stuff, Sigvald would be thrilled if you contacted him at
- tl -
2001-10-29 23:26:14
Some of D.U.C.K.hunt's subpages maintained by Sigvald Groesfjeld were lost during a server update a few days ago. This includes the whole of his "Don Rosa in Scandinavia" website, and thereby also some of the pages that are also featured here on D.U.C.K.hunt. (these does not include his "The lives and times in Duckburg" and "Who's who in Duckburg" pages)
Unfortunately, due to technical issues, there were no backups of those pages which means that they are lost.
Therefore, if you by any chance have saved these pages on your harddisk, Sigvald would be thrilled if you contacted him at
- tl -
2001-10-21 15:07:53
Don Rosa will be at the Amadora International Comics Festival near Lisbon, Portugal on Oct. 26-29.
Have a look!
- ag -
2001-09-12 22:22:28
What happened in the US yesterday is a horrible tragedy. Our thoughts are with the victims and their families...
- ag -
2001-09-12 22:21:10
Because of the terror in the US Don Rosa will not be at the book fair in Goeteborg, Sweden this weekend...
- ag -
2001-06-22 11:04:35
Arttu Salminen has joined the DUCKhunt team, contributing with his very nice pages about Don Rosa's pre-Disney series "The Pertwillaby Papers" and "Captain Kentucky". Click on the links on the main page to have a look at Arttu's pages.
- tl -
2001-05-05 19:18:10
Finally the Mailinglist seems to be running again. And now even the digest-version is working, so if you don't want to have that much single mails every day go to the subscribtion page again and try the new feature :o)
Have a look!
- ag -
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